1.Does this service replace the conventional hospital visit ?

Our service does not replace a physical doctor's appointment. We only provide quick access where you are unable to reach a doctor due to time or distance constraints to prevent self-treatment or self-medication.

2. What If my case Is an emergency?

You are advised to rush to the nearest hospital in case of emergencies, as we only manage mild cases online.

3. What happes If my case can not be managed online?

Once our doctors establish that your case can not be resolved online, they simply refer you to a hospital near you.

4. What If I do not own smartphone or am out of mobile data?

You can dial our smart-line (08100006975) and hold a toll free consultation with any of our doctors.

5. The App Is not installing on my phone.

Kindly contact support @myclinic.ng or dial our smart-line (08100006975) to hold a toll-free consultation with any of our doctors.

6. Who can I enroll as my dependents?

You can enroll your spouse and children below 18 years.

7.Can I switch from one subscription model to another?

Yes. You can switch from a lower to a higher subcription model anytime from your mobile App

8 How can I download the App?

You can download the App on Google Play Store(for Andriod)< or Apple Store (for iOS) completely free of charge.

3. What happens to my health data?

Your health data is securely stored in HIPPA complaint server in accordance with our Terms & conditions and Privacy policy

10 How do I validate the qualification of the doctors?

You can find all the information you need on the doctors profile including their MDCN registration numbers.

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