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World-class EMR for African hospitals, without breaking the bank

Why We Are Different

Zero Upfront Installation Cost
Zero Upfront Installation Cost
We don't charge you for installation or training.
Only Pay For What You Use
Only Pay For What You Use
Save Money by paying only for staff that use the software.
Minimal Hardware Requirements
Minimal Hardware Requirements
Works on the most basic computers, no need for expensive hardware.

Our Core Features

One Software that does it all

Eletronic Health Record
Take your practice to the next level by digitizing your patient records and unlock unique insights using the powerful data analytics capabilities of MyClinic.
Finance & Accounting
Discover new insights with MyClinics’ powerful accounting module. This way; you can monitor all revenue inflow and outflow, generate automated reports, profit and loss statements, oversee multiple accounts and track multiple payment methods (POS, Cash, transfer, Credit) all in one place within MyClinic
Unlock new levels of patient care (and revenue) by connecting with your patients from anywhere in the world using video calls, audio calls, and SMS that come integrated within MyClinic
Practice Management
Automate and optimize every component of your practice; from inventory management for your hospital pharmacy, to a biometric attendance management system for your staff, all seamlessly integrated within MyClinic

Using our Raspberry Pi access points, you can save 80% off the cost of deployment.

Modules and Units

Our powerful Elements!

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything you want, switch components on the go using our page builder.

Offline First, but fully Cloud Capable

Work seamlessly and conveniently without internet access. Your data gets backed up when you eventually connect to the internet.

Comprehensive Patient Engagement App

You can hold video consultations with your patients from the comfort of their homes, send them prescriptions, lab test results or just prescription reminders

Embedded in-hospital Engagement Tool

Seamlessly share messages, files and even make calls within your facility all on MyClinic
At MyClinic, We believe in Trust and Collaboration for Progress
Hasam Pharmacy and Stores
Saymays Specialist Hospital Kano
PrimeCare Hospital Abuja
Queens Clinic Abuja
Adamawa State Polytechnic Yola

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Do you need internet connection to use the software?
Even though you do not require internet connection, using value added services such as the telemedicine feature and other patient engagement integrations will require internet availability.
Is my hospital data secure?
We have deployed multiple advanced security features to ensure that your data is completely secure with our software. This include end to end data and biometric access control for staff
Can you customize it to my requirements?
Our solution is fully customizable to fit the specific needs of your faculty

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